14.1 Interview with Dr. Nassir Ghaemi, MD, MPH
Renegade PsychJuly 09, 2024x
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14.1 Interview with Dr. Nassir Ghaemi, MD, MPH

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This interview is with Dr. Nassir Ghaemi, MD, MPH, an absolute pillar of the psychiatric community and a needed reasonable voice in a field captured by industry. A Harvard-trained psychiatrist with 30+ years of clinical experience, Dr. Ghaemi has taught me and my colleagues (from afar) more about appropriate clinical practice than arguably any other national figure, emphasizing pluralism (holding more than one belief on a specific issue simultaneously) and phenomenology (the philosophy of experience) and finding the appropriate middle ground between the biologic and humanistic schools of thought in our field. He has been highly critical of the DSM, the manual of diagnoses for psychiatrists, stating the vast majority of the 300+ diagnoses are invalid and unscientific, and promotes classification systems that fully separate diagnoses based on course of illness over time, family history or genetics, and response to medications. He is a voice that NEEDS to be heard within and outside of the field of psychiatry. Hope you enjoy our conversation and please like, share, and do all those other things that will help us build the brand and spread the word about these issues!

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