13.2 What's Wrong With Modern Psychiatry, Pt 2 with Josef Witt-Doerring
Renegade PsychJuly 02, 2024x
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13.2 What's Wrong With Modern Psychiatry, Pt 2 with Josef Witt-Doerring

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In this 2-part series, I talk to Dr. Josef Witt-Doerring, MD, from the Life on Less Meds podcast (Life on Less Meds Podcast - YouTube), who runs a taper clinic based in Utah (Expert Drug-Tapering Psychiatrist | Dr. Josef Witt-Doerring (taperclinic.com). We talk about his background, which is unique as he has been personally harmed by psychiatric medications, has experience working at the FDA and a big pharmaceutical company, before he decided to leave it all behind in order to do what was most important to him, helping people safely come off of psychiatric medications. Hope you enjoy our conversation and please like, share, and do all those other things that will help us build the brand and spread the word about these issues!

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