12.1 Safer Drug Use with Stephen Love, MD: INTRO
Renegade PsychJune 04, 2024x
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12.1 Safer Drug Use with Stephen Love, MD: INTRO

In this series, Dr. Stephen Love, MD, and I discuss a vitally important aspect of substance use treatment that is not discussed enough as a society or in our medical training, educating users on how to reduce the harms associated with substance use. Just as we would not neglect treatment for an uncontrolled diabetic who refuses to comply with diet, lifestyle, and medications, we shouldn't neglect treating Substance Use Disorders just because the user does not want to be abstinent from use. We should be trying to reduce harm in every way possible... and that's what this series is all about. This episode starts out with my typical monologue rant on the topic explaining why we need to change our overall approach to addiction, and then we introduce my guest and best bud, Stephen, as we discuss his personal and professional journeys, as well as our philosophical approaches to addiction. I hope you enjoy and tune in every Tuesday for a new release!

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